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The Truth About Pregnancy Beauty

Everyone says, "Pregnancy is a beautiful thing," which I agree with.  The ability to grow a human being is amazing, but I want to share the truth about pregnancy beauty tips. Your body is changing every single day, but what happened to the woman you were before getting pregnant?  Where did this beard come from?  This dreadful moustache? Pregnancy mask? Acne? Why doesn't my foundation match now?  All the above and more can occur during this "beautiful thing."  If you don't experience any of this, count your blessings.

If you search "Pregnancy Beauty Tips" much like I did, in an attempt to find some answers to pregnancy beauty related questions you'll find all the answers you aren't looking for. A lot of the answers come from trial and error.  It was always suggested to me to use coconut oil or cocoa butter on my growing stomach, for itchy skin.  However, I found neither worked to soothe the incessant itching.  Almond oil and apricot oil ruled and provided immediate relief.  Lotion...uh, no.  Lotion has questionable ingredients anyway, like plasticizers which just coat the skin.  Much like cellophane/saran wrap.

Also, when searching, you'll get the same generic lists which include:

  • Drink water/Stay Hydrated
  • Rest
  • Prevent stretch marks
  • Eat Right
  • Exercise
  • Watch your weight
  • Make-up Tips

So, these pregnancy beauty tips are quite common, even for women who aren't pregnant.  Every woman is unique and no pregnancy is the same.  Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter list that will solve all your needs.

I experienced severe dry skin in both pregnancies.  Second time around, I used Dr. Bronner Pure Castile Soap for my face with the little rubber facial scrubby tool.  I followed up with rose petal infused witch hazel (which is ah-mazing!).  Finished with a simple $5.99 moisturizer from Trader Joe's.  I tried so many products, which turned out to garbage. Simple is best.

Here are my thoughts on the "Pregnancy Beauty Tips" lists:

  • Drink water/Stay Hydrated - DUH!
  • Rest - DUH, again...but you can only rest so much, especially if you're working and have other children, like I did
  • Prevent stretch marks - No way to stop this from happening (if so, please let me know)
  • Eat Right - Um, pregnancy cravings...HELLO!?
  • Exercise - Yes, Yes, Yes...know your limitations to keep baby and mommy safe
  • Watch your weight - Disregard all body shaming, image propoganda. You're growing a freaking human being
  • Make-up Tips - Next blog post :)

You have to do what works for you and your baby.  Always discuss things with your doctor.  If you're into natural remedies, definitely research.  Some things aren't safe during pregnancy and even while nursing. It's a struggle dealing with all you are sacrificing for this tiny human.  But it's what we signed up for, right?

We are on this jouney together and I hope I can be part of your support system and help you find your way back to being the beautiful, vivacious, fashionista you were, prior to pregnancy.  Just know you and your body will never be the same...but better!

Saturday Night, 11:53pm

Saturday Night, 11:53pm